The ups and downs of blogging for almost a year!

At the end of July my blog will be celebrating its 1 year birthday!

From something that was just for me to a site that’s now self-hosted & visited by a few hundred people daily, it has grown far more than I could have ever imagined.

The funny thing was I never intentionally went self-hosted, it all happened out of an error I made whilst trying to set up the new URL however looking back it was probably a blessing in disguise. I decided to switch from my .com address over to the address however whilst doing this on blogger I managed to lose both of the addresses and ended back up at the Blogspot address!

After a minor meltdown, I looked into self-hosting and thought why not?! It took me almost 3 days to get the blog up and running to how I had imagined it would be and to get it live. Those 3 days were the most stressful & annoying days I think I have experienced whilst blogging. It also turned out to be very late nights with tears of frustration too in the end. I actually now enjoy where we are love looking at clever ways to improve the blog on a day-to-day basis

We have changed the site over the last year a few times but I’m finally at a design that I like and one that I feel reflects me.  It’s strange though how over time little things have built up to be important & a blog I’m proud to display is important.

So next month watch out for the celebrations starting as we look to celebrate turning 1 in style!

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