Tackling the family food budget

Good morning, there is no meal plan this week however I am still talking about food!

Food shopping, it’s a love hate relationship.

I love food, lots of it.

Hate paying for it all.

Now I’ll be brutally honest and open here. We spend too much money on food on a monthly basis.

There is no defense for it, no excuses, no good reasons for it.

Just plain and simple, we overspend.

Our budget is tighter now yet still we are spending more than we budget on a weekly basis.

So for a family of 4 we do 1 shop a week which we now head to our local Asda and use their scanning machines to shop as we go.. This shop price can vary from £45-£100 each week. This will include our cleaning products and toiletries however it is still far too much.

Then on top of this every 8 weeks I order a bundle from Musclefood, this is the one thing I wont scrimp on. The meat is far better than the supermarkets and as the quality is so much better, it works out better value for money.

The last thing we then do is top up of fresh products from our local Tesco Express at least once, sometimes twice a week. However those shops are never really just the things we need.

A trip for a loaf of bread and milk turns into 3 bags of shopping…

By my calculations I suspect we spend anywhere between £500 -£650 a month on food. Which when you are self employed is far too much!

It is now time for change, we are going to tackle the food spend and share it as we go.

Every month I will track what we spend on food (including takeaways!) and share that back through the blog. To try and combat the spend though I will be meal planning and trying to use up what we have still in the fridge & freezer to reduce food waste.

Also I am going to try and create some family friendly budget meals to share on here as we go along, so if you are feeling the pinch a little it may be one way to save a few pennies.

I’d love to know what you spend in a month. Also how you save money too so feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

Tackling the family food budget



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