The places you should visit when you head to Lanzarote

The places you should visit when you head to Lanzarote

There is no secret that Lanzarote is a place we love to visit. Ever since our first visit back in 2013, it has held a special place in our heart, with us going back a few more times since then.

Even though we are not heading back till next year at the earliest I wanted to share with you the best places to visit when you are out there!

If you are lucky enough to be staying in Puerto del Carmen villas in Lanzarote, then you are in the right place to travel out to some of our favourite places to visit.

One of the quirky little things I really love about Lanzarote is the fact that no matter where you are staying on the island, you can easily get to the attractions without being stuck on a bus for hours on end. It really is so family-friendly there too, our two have been going since they were little and it is still the place they love to go back to.

So, what should you get up to if you are heading out to Lanzarote:

  • The beach – They have some gorgeous beaches, glorious sunshine and soft sand. You really do not need anything else!
  • Rancho Texas – I have written about here in the past as we have visited twice on our visits. It is popular with the whole family during the day and in the evening, it turns into a whole family night out with amazing food. As well as the animals you also have the water park which is part of the park. If you do head there plan it as a complete day out.
  • Submarine Safari – Of course no trip to Lanzarote is complete without a trip on the submarine! We did this when the kids were little and again the last time we went. It never gets boring and we would highly recommend it. It is one of those trips you will remember for a very long time.
  • Timanfaya National Park – This is top of the list for when we return, now the kids are older we would like to head off up the volcanos and take in the spectacular views of the island and the surrounding islands. With the chance to ride a camel across the volcanic landscape and have dinner overlooking the whole of Lanzarote, it is up there on the to-do list!
  • Teguise market – Head into the old capital of the island for their weekly market. With lots of stalls to pick up little treats make sure you head to the food stalls. They have some gorgeous homemade breads and pickles (hmm onion bread & spicy tomato sauce!). It is also set in the gorgeous town which takes you back in time with the cobble street and old doors & buildings.

This is just a little list of things to do in Lanzarote however there is so much, this is just scratching the surface.


If you are heading there make sure you take time to take in the local food & culture. We have found all our trips out there to be amazing and the kids have learnt so much from those they have met out there, lots of restaurants encourage children to try new food or even teach them little snippets of Spanish.

The colours of the Teguise market

It will always have a special place in our hearts, it is our home away from home but if you are lucky enough to be heading there soon you will have the most amazing time and adventures!

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The places you should visit when you head to Lanzarote


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