Taking care of your little one’s eyes

Making sure you look after your eyes is one of the most important things you should do. After all they are so important to many everyday tasks, however so often people take their sight for granted.

Both myself and Daddy Vs Work where glasses every day. My eyes are so bad that I struggle to see very far without my glasses on so not wearing them is not an option, from the moment I get up to they must go on. Long term the plan would be to have laser eye surgery however this is a while away yet.

Taking care of your little ones eyes

So, with the problems we have, we make sure that Kayleigh and Ethan have their eyes checked regularly. Due to us both having problems with their eyes we should take them every 12 months for their check-up but thankfully as it currently is neither of them have problems with their eyes.

We have however been told to make sure that they both learn to rest their eyes.

With lots of technology these days, children are focused with things that are close to them. This includes things like tablets and phones. It is however not just technology that can be a worry it can also be if they spend a lot of time reading or writing as again their eyes are focused close on a certain spot.

To help the muscles in the eye, our optician advised the kids that every 10 minutes or so if they are focusing close range to look up and focus on something far away and give your eyes 10 big blinks. This is to help relax the muscles that help you focus and fingers crossed should help towards keeping their sight healthy.

Another great way to look after your eyes is your diet. I know it may sound strange but making sure you all have a healthy balance diet is a key way to make sure your eyes are getting the best they can. The whole eye takes different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, keeping these in your diet helps towards your keeping your eyes healthy.

So, if your little one has returned to school this week or maybe has not had their first eye test yet, why not book an appointment for a quick check over just to make sure everything is ok. The test is quick and the opticians are trained to deal with children so they make it fun to do.

Taking care of your little ones eyes

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