The best lighting for your home, inside and out

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It is really noticeable now that the darker nights are rolling in and the mornings are not much better too. With this now our new norm for a little while, many of us will be making the most of lights and lamps throughout the house to help brighten the rooms and even our mood a little.

There is now a huge range of lighting products on the market, not only from the actual fittings but also the bulbs you are able to get. Long gone are the days that you were only worrying about whether it was a bayonet or screw style bulb. The market has kept up with technology and you are now able to get clever bulbs like these Smart LED Lighting which work with Alexa and Google Assistant to name a few.

The best lighting for your home, inside and out

So, with all this technology at our hands, what is the best lighting for your home?

For many of us, our living room will be an all-purpose room. It lends itself well for a simple pendant or spotlights style lighting to start with and then add additional feature lights depending on what you have in mind for the room. If you have a little reading nook then you may find that you want to have a floor lamp over a chair where you can sit under the glow whilst snuggling up with a good book. If you have office space in this room, a good desk lamp works well to brighten this space.

I personally am a fan of LED style lights around our home. With many of our light fittings being LED, it just makes my life a lot easier not having to think about the bulbs blowing. Of course, the downside to this option is once the light goes out, you do have to change the whole fitting. Most LED lights however do have about 15,000 life though so should last you a while.

When it comes to the outdoor space, there are a few popular options for this. My personalise choice is for wired in LED lights, they just let off the right amount of light whilst being reliable. If you are not keen on having someone in to fit your lights, however about solar lights? The options for these have changed over the years and they work so much better than they used to. Our neighbours have some lovely lights in their garden where they let our a multitude of colours when the lights come on as the stars come out.

The best lighting for your home, inside and out

With lighting becoming more and more of a feature in homes, you can now pick up more of a feature for your home that might not have been a choice 5 – 10 years ago. People are using lighting to make a statement about their homes. In the past it may have been a statement made by the lampshade, now the light bulb itself is pretty much making a statement and the choice of lighting in the room can make a huge impact on your home.