The most useful gifts for new mums

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New parents this year have had a bit of a different experience compared to when I had my two, it has probably been a memorable year but not in the way they imagined. If you have a friend who has given birth recently or is due soon, you may be on the lookout for the perfect gift for them. Here are some suggestions for the most useful gifts for new mums:

Clothing – You can never have enough clothing when it comes to a newborn, the one thing that I realised we never had enough of the first time was sleepsuits. I found that we kept both Kayleigh and Ethan in sleepsuits for the majority of their first few weeks. So cosy sleepsuits will always come in handy for any new mum!

Essentials hamper – With many areas going into lockdowns and concerns about the rise in Covid cases, why not look to get mum an essentials hamper that includes things such as nappies and wipes, just taking a little pressure off her needing to get to the shops for those essentials. You could also treat her to her favourite snack as a little pick me up too.

The most useful gifts for new mums

Pamper gifts – After pregnancy and labour come the lack of sleep. For new mums, this can catch up with you, even 2nd time round trust me! Why not treat your loved one to a pamper gifts, such as a bath bomb, face mask and peace. Taking over for 30 minutes for them to relax will be much appreciated trust me.

Meal deliveries – I found after having our two children, the one thing I struggled with was meal times. Even with Daddy Vs Work cooking, I found that my appetite and timings were all over the place due to my body clock. Looking back, I wish we had prepared food into portions for the fridge that we could have cooked a portion depending on what we fancied at the time.

One thing for sure, any new parent will appreciate any gift you put thought into, especially at times of uncertainty.

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