Things to consider when investing in a new boiler

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Getting a new boiler is a big investment for any homeowner, for us, it took us a while to consider all the options that were available alongside picking a company to install it.

Once we had made a decision on going ahead with getting a replacement boiler, we spent 2 weeks researching our best options for both the boiler and the company we used.  If you are looking to get a new boiler installed but are unsure where to start, here is the process we took.

Boiler –

Firstly you will want to do a little research into the boiler you are looking to install. We looked around at the best boilers on the market currently, using different sites to get a variety of feedback. Personally we needed a quiet boiler due to the location of the boiler to our bedroom, which is why we picked the Worcester Bosch 8000 life.

Having an idea of the boiler you want will make the process of picking a company so much easier.

Company –

Boilers and installation are expensive, you want to make sure you get it right. Once you have decided on what you are looking to get, then you start the search for the company to install it. For us, we used Warmzilla after some research into the company.

The prices quoted on their site include everything from the boiler to the fitting and a system flush. You have options to add on upgrades to your thermostat or radiators once you have selected your boiler, these added extras are entirely your choice. We decided to upgrade our thermostat to the Hive heating to give us a little more control.

You no longer need to have a survey before install either, simply upload pictures of your current boiler and location to the website after your purchase and your engineer has everything they need to install.

We ordered our boiler on Tuesday and were able to get an installation date of the Saturday that week, which was perfect with the colder weather coming in.

Installation –

Don’t be nervous about the installation! I was unsure of how long the installation would take or what would be involved but our boiler was replaced and working within 4 hours.

The engineer contacted me the night before to confirm they would be with us by 8 the following morning to do the installation and they were there a few minutes before. Working cleaning and safely in the current climate, we have a full explanation of all our questions whenever we asked. We really can not fault the installation process at all.

Things to consider when investing in a new boiler Things to consider when investing in a new boiler

If you are currently in two minds whether to get a replacement boiler or not, why not at least do some research into the costs involved. Weighing up the thought of our 13+-year-old boiler going bang in the winter compared to the install now, the peace of mind has made the costing worth it to us. You can get £50 off your boiler with Warmzilla using this link. it is also worth remembering that Warmzilla also refunds the full cost of 1 in every 100 boilers installed! We were not the lucky winners however that would be a lovely treat for the lucky winner!

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