The Rise of Remote Working

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If you were involved in the tech industry over the last decade or so, you’ve probably heard the phrase “remote working”. This phrase refers to a working style that allows for professionals to work outside of a traditional office setting through the internet and still contribute to a business. What once was only for the privileged computer coders and graphic designers of the world has become a major trend being adopted throughout countless industries. This trend is now everywhere, and we can expect many more companies to follow suit in the coming years.

Industries That Are Adopting Remote Working

There are many industries that are now moving more towards remote working. The Banking industry is a great example. Outside of tellers and bank managers, there are millions of people that contribute to a banking corporation with jobs revolving around auditing, property appraisals, or cybersecurity. Other industries include sales, health care, customer service and many more. All of these jobs can be done remotely, and in fact many have been moving towards this in recent years.

Of course, some types of businesses and industries were far ahead of the trend and have been utilizing remote working for years. As previously mentioned, it is a common attribute of tech companies that want to cut down on their needs for having a centralized office, especially when they are now able to source talent from around the world.

Online poker is another one of those industries that was far ahead of the curve, and thus, pros have a lot of tips they can share regarding your own well-being and your work performance. This includes setting up your environment so you can perform at your best and keep a steady workflow. Poker pros may not be the most immediate example that jumps in mind, but the fact is that poker as an industry left the casino tables long ago and now just as many professional players compete in tournaments online from their own home.


Why Remote Working is Beneficial

There are numerous ways that both companies and employees benefit from remote working. On the employer’s side, remote working heavily cuts down on office costs, allowing you to rent a smaller space and use less utilities. This can also allow for huge breaks on insurance. Of course, employers now have the freedom to source talent from the best professionals around the world, instead of being stuck with their local options.

Many employees would also say that they prefer remote working. Instead of the morning commute, they can work right from their living room. Oftentimes, they also are measured by their productivity instead of being confined to set hours. Remote working even allows for more time to travel and enjoy vacations, as their schedule as a whole becomes more flexible. This remote working agreement is mutually beneficial for both sides.

This Trend is Seeing Explosive Growth

There are some real statistics to demonstrate that remote working has grown in popularity in recent years. Research shows that the amount of people that work remotely at least once a week has grown by 400% since 2010. Business Comparison reported that at least 1.7 million professionals in the UK mainly work fully remotely. Altogether, roughly 62% of employees say they work remotely at least occasionally.

Is Remote Working Right For You and Your Business?

While the benefits are obvious, it should be stated that working remotely is not for everyone. It’s up to you to decide as a business owner or employee whether or not you want to incorporate this trend into your own organization.

As an employer, it can be a tough decision to make. While it may make employees happier, there are many jobs that don’t translate well to a remote atmosphere. It’s one thing to have a daily Skype call to all the employees, it’s another thing if you constantly need to interact with them. It can be difficult to maintain the same level of productivity you can expect in the office. Of course, there are still many more positions that need to be performed in person, even in our digital world.

For employees, you also have a responsibility to uphold as a remote employee. Not everyone can manage to stay dedicated and focused during the hours that you are required to be working. If you are someone that knows they work better in a  group alongside others, than maybe it would be best to pursue that. Overall, the remote working trend is going strong and will certainly grow more in the future.

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