Tips for Planning a Road Trip

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With international travel suspended between many countries, it looks as though home-grown holidays are the way forward. You could go and stay in a pleasant coastal town, or go camping in the forest, but why not consider a road trip?

A road trip can give you the benefit of all of these destinations – because you visit each one. Plus, you get to see all the beautiful views the country has to offer as you drive around.

Got a couple of friends or family to join you? Got some great tunes to keep you singing? Got a bunch of snacks for the road? You’re good to go!

To have the best time on your home-grown holiday, follow these tips:

Choose the right people

Road trips have a bit of a reputation for being a nightmare. But the only way you will end up with a nightmare is if you take the wrong people with you.

Photo by Artparta on Pixabay

Yes, the claustrophobic car can start to feel like hell if you’re trapped in it with someone you don’t get on with. But if you pick your close friend who can talk for hours, you’ll be great!

Make sure you’re choosing the right people to ensure your sanity. When choosing, look for people who are naturally up for an adventure, as road trips are the most spontaneous of holidays.

You’ll also want someone you won’t feel awkward around if conversation drops for a bit. Road trips often require you to drive for hours and hours – there are going to be natural lulls in conversation. On the other hand, make sure you’ve got someone who is chatty. You don’t want to let the burden for a chat to land solely on you.

Get the best music

Music can make or break a road trip.

Listening to music is what you’ll spend most of your time doing, so the tunes better be good. Before you go on the trip, get everyone to submit ideas for the road playlist, so everyone gets something they like.

Photo by Greyerbaby on Pixabay

How you choose your music will depend on the people you’re going with. Maybe you will enjoy finding new music, and so will accept submissions from everyone. Alternatively, you might want music you all know, so you can all sing along. In this case, you’ll have a bigger task of checking if everyone knows and likes the songs provided.

As a side note, make sure the car you are using suits the music you intend to play. LMC cars can offer both CD players and cars with aux cords, so make sure you know whether to bring CDs or a phone.

Choose good places to stop

Road trips are mostly about the drive. But in the end, you do end up somewhere.

By the end of the drive, everyone will probably be exhausted, so make sure you choose an excellent destination to end up. Somewhere they feel it is worthwhile to have driven to.

The road trip is about the drive, but it’s also about seeing cool new places. Don’t let the group down by picking somewhere rubbish!

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