#TheOrdinaryMoments – Birthday Boy – 19/06/16

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Birthday Boy – 19/06/16

Birthday’s are a big thing in this house, not so much for us adults but for the kids. We try to make sure it is the most amazing day for them all year!

I am not even sure how it started but our little family tradition is for bunting and banners to go up ready for them when they wake up on their birthday. Nothing special but to the kids it is the biggest thing in the whole world, they make sure I haven’t forgotten.

Then there is the birthday badge…

Of course it is tradition now that they wear the Birthday Boy/Girl badge all day, proudly showing it off to anyone that can see it!

Ethan’s birthday celebration started last Sunday in which he had a party for him and 11 of his friends. We always book it somewhere as our house wouldn’t hold that many. This year Ethan decided that he would like to have a bowling party for his birthday.

We love parties at bowling or indoor play areas as the only thing we need to do is turn up & bring the cake.

There came the issue…

We got there early, on the way I wrote a list of all the children attending to make it easy for them and we got to the venue early. However there was a problem…

Me “Hi, we are here for Ethan’s birthday”

Bowling assistant “Great, did you have a cake you’d like me to take for you”


We’d left the cake at home! Luckily for me there is a supermarket 5 minutes walk from the bowling alley! Other than that the party ran smoothly and Ethan was very lucky with the amount of cards he got!

Then it was his birthday on Wednesday, I had arranged to be late in to work and leave early on the day so we could spend the morning together as a family and I could come on the school run to drop the birthday boy off. It also meant I could be there to pick him up after school and surprise him!

What we hadn’t told him was we were booked in to Jump Arena (indoor trampoline park) for fun then on to dinner and ice cream before he got spoilt more by family and friends!

Birthday’s for your children trump your own birthday hands down!

Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Boy

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