We’ll see you at BritMums, BML16

So after 5 years of blogging I am finally heading to a blogging conference, BML16! I love blogging but now would love to take it a little bit more seriously.

As its my first conference and I am a total chicken at public events I’m dragging Daddy Vs Work along too (bet he can’t wait to be stuck in a room learning about blogging!)

This is our little intro.

Our names: Paula & Phill
Blog’s: Mummy Vs Work
Find me on social media at: On all social media as Mummy Vs Work
How we look:

Mummy Vs Work - BML16

Is this my first blogging event? Yes so very nervous! Plus we have to negotiate the trains first so just getting there will be a good result.
I will be wearing… Both likely to be jeans and some sort of top!
What I hope to gain from #BML16: I am hoping to pick up all sorts of tips and help along the way but most of all some inspiration.
My tips for a great conference: As its my first I have no tips or suggestions but hoping some of my fellow bloggers do!


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