Things to do as a family, without leaving your home

Things to do as a family, without leaving your home

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Like most of the UK, we have been staying indoors for the last few weeks as per the government advice. I’ll be honest, as a family, we haven’t found this too difficult as we are homebodies without a doubt. It has been strange though not being able to get out and about as we need to though and we are still adjusting to that. With the wonders of technology, we are able to stay in touch with friends and family during this strange period.

However, what exactly can you do to stop the boredom kicking in and keep you sane for as long as possible?

Here are our favourite things to do as a family when we are at home:

  • Baking – If you follow on our social media you will know we have been baking recently, so far we have baked 3 Madeira cake, 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies, Cracknell cakes and these delicious bread rolls. It is also something the kids are happy to take part in without arguing! I’m not fooled though, I know it is just so they can get some food out of it in the end.

Things to do as a family, without leaving your home

  • Family movies – We love watching films as a family, there is nothing better than making some popcorn (great idea buying your kids a popcorn machine for Christmas!) and settling down to watch a film. If we are are not going anywhere anytime soon, we have been known to binge-watch films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. Just taking your mind off things lately is a great way to keep stress levels low.
  • Start the jobs you’ve been putting off – I’m sure the kids think they’ve got it tough as I’ve had them cleaning their bedrooms and they’ve been out in the garden with me helping de-weed the back of the garden ready for our chickens. We’ve used the additional time we have had to actually start those things we have been putting off. Now the kids are a little older they have been chipping in and helping.

Things to do as a family, without leaving your home

  • Drop everything and read – This is something they do at school, drop everything and read. Take your mind off somewhere else as you find yourself engrossed in a book. I haven’t read in ages until this all happened and since the lockdown, I have read 3 books! If you have any suggestions of good books, leave a comment below. I have a trial of Amazon Kindle so making the most of it.
  • Catch up with your recorded series – I am seriously so far behind on my series such as Masterchef, Seal Team, Great British Menu and The Voice that I am looking forward to some downtime and playing catch up on what I’ve not seen in a while. Over the last few weeks, I have been avoiding spoilers on social media for my favourite programmes.
  • Take some time for TLC – Over the last few months, I have not really taken much time out for myself. It has been a constant stream of work and school going on that I just never got round to it. Recently though there has been no excuses. Even if it is just 10 minutes out to have a laydown and rest, I am making the most of it. After all, we are no good to people if we have pushed so hard we are burned out.

Things to do as a family, without leaving your home Things to do as a family, without leaving your home

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How have you been getting on during lockdown?

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