Things to do in London over the festive period

Things to do in London over the festive period

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With lots of us having time off over the festive period, we will be looking for fun ideas to get out and about with friends and family.

We are very fortunate where we live that we are 10 minutes from the local airport and about 40 minutes by train from London, so we have access to lots of things close by to do. The real challenge is finding something to do for everyone. We have in the past taking a day trip to London and just done the normal touristy things of visiting the attractions, spending far too much money in the M & M store and then staying out after dark for something to eat in one of the many restaurants.

Things to do in London over the festive period

If you are planning a day out in London over the Christmas period, here are a few things to consider doing that the whole family would love:

  • Visit the museums – London has some amazing museums to visit. One of our favourites is the National History Museum, with so much to do you could get lost in there for hours! There are lots of other amazing museums such as the Science museum and the Imperial War museum
  • Be a tourist – If like us you get a travel pass when you visit London, use it to get around London and visit the tourist hot spots such as Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
  • Take a tour – London is full of history and there are lots of tours there that you can do depending on your interests such as a Beatles Tour London, why not find something that interests the whole family and learn more about it.
  • Visit a Christmas market – There are lots of Christmas markets popping up around London this month including ones in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, one in Leicester Square and Southbank Centre. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, they are perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

This is just a small selection of the amazing things you can get up to in London. With so much to do, you simply can’t fit it all in one day but that is ok. It means there is some saved for future visits too.

What is your favourite thing to do in London?

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