Thinking ahead to the next school year

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with the new school year just a few days away, we are already starting to plan for next year.

I know we may sound a bit crazy however, by the end of October we need to submit our application for Kayleigh’s high school. Firstly, how can she be old enough for a high school place!? I am just not ready for this at all.

However, on a practical level, we need to start thinking of the logistics of getting her to a high school and Ethan to junior school still. As it is our first choice of school is not close enough to walk to, which means we need to get her there. Currently, there is not a direct bus route to school, she would have to go into town and then out again to school. So, the likelihood is we will need to drive her to school which itself causes some problems.

Firstly we only have one car, this is used by Daddy Vs Work as he does different shift patterns each week. As I can walk to work in 10 minutes it makes sense for him to take the car as for him it is a 40-minute walk. One thing we are considering is the possibility of getting a scooter.

This would solve the practicality of getting around but also help with the costs too. As it is we just can’t afford to run 2 cars, however, the cost of purchasing a scooter like the one above and scooter insurance and monthly running costs are just a fraction of the cost of a car. They also have a wide range in engine size too from 50cc to 125cc, so it allows us a little scope to look at a scooter that suits our needs.

we still have some time to make a decision but we are going to need to start looking into it in more details soon.

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