Top 10 Halloween costumes for kids in 2014

Halloween is coming! This time of year is always full of frightening fun for all ages but particularly for children – a chance to dress up, play party games and really get into the scary spirit.

If you’re stuck for costumes ideas this year, fear not. Here are ten suggestions for outfits guaranteed to make heads turn:


A Halloween classic, you can make a Mummy costume from home if you have a bit of time and a little creativity. All you really need are bandages and safety pins to wrap over white clothing, and you’ve got a great costume – click here for inspiration.


A bag of bones makes for a brilliant look on October 31. Have a look around to see what’s available – for the best costume, go for a glow in the dark effect. A hooded outfits looks particularly creepy. If you have two or three kids and don’t want to stretch to multiple costumes, use dark clothing and buy skeleton masks.



Dressing up as Batman should be encouraged 365 days of the year but the Dark Knight packs maximum impact at Halloween. There’s something creepy and sinister about the Gotham City superhero; to really look the part with an officially licensed costume, check out Halloween costumes by Morphcostumes.


This is an easy win for small kids and toddlers, those more reluctant to go full-out Halloween. It’s simple: a black witch hat, perhaps a dark cloak to fasten with velcro around the neck, and a wooden broomstick is an effective extra prop.


With the explosion in popularity of the Twilight saga, both in movie and book form, it’s official: Vampires are cool. Your kids won’t be on the only little Vampires on the block this year but they will look awesome – use white face paint to create a ghoulish palour, add a black wig (or gel up dark hair), fangs and dress in black. Done.


Absolutely terrifying! Zombie costumes are a great choice because they are no rules – get an old white shirt, tear some holes in it. Get a tie, wear it loose. Put a garish wig on, go bold on the make up and fake blood, and you’ve got a Zombie!


Pirates are nasty, mean and murderous. They’re not strictly Halloween but they fit in well. You might find you have a pirate costume anyway. If not, it’s easy to recreate with an eye patch, bandana and sword.


Nothing screams Halloween louder than a pumpkin! For toddlers this is a perfect costume. You just need orange clothing and a beanie hat, and then pick up a pumpkin outfit, which are readily available in stores around the USA.


Really easy – it’s a white bed sheet with eyes and mouth cut out, and spaces for arms, too. You can dress it up by holding a scarily-carved pumpkin or some other spooky prop.


Clowns should be associated with happy times but there is a whole generation of adults haunted by curly wigs and red noses thanks to the iconic Stephen King thriller It. It’s easy to transform a clown into something more menacing just by getting to work with make-up and achieving a very sinister appearance.

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