Stop the clock… you can’t be starting school yet!

When you first see those 2 lines on a pregnancy test, you can’t really absorb how much your life is going to change then suddenly like a whirlwind the time has run away from you and they are starting school!

This week has seen both Kayleigh and Ethan return to school but now they are both in infant school *cry*

It seems just like yesterday that we brought Kayleigh home from the hospital, 2 days after her due date I finally went into labour with her arriving the next day!


Then there was the day that 3 became 4…

Kayleigh & Ethan

Having children is the most amazing experience in life and one that you really need to treasure every second of as it really does go too quick.

We are very lucky in todays technology that we can keep a better memory of all that is going on in our lives to look back at those magical moments, but you can’t really get them back.

The first tooth.

The first word

Their first steps

All memories we hold close to and value so much yet things that never happen again.

Fairy Non Bio are encouraging all parents to make the most of the moments and embrace the #PowerofSoft

Trust me, time really does go past far too quick.

So next time you little one asks to do something or go somewhere and you say in a minute, just remember that you wont get that minute back and eventually they wont always be around asking to spend a bit of time with you.

Make the most of them whist you can as they grow up so fast!

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