Top 5 things mums would buy first with a lottery win

Winning the lottery is something that everyone dreams of, but only for a few lucky ones this dream ever comes true. The odds may be against winning the lottery, but that doesn’t stop people from playing and trying their hand at lady luck. So, I was wondering: what would I do if I hit the jackpot? As I am a huge fan of the American lottery US Powerball for obvious reasons, I thought I would make up a list of just a few of the top 5 things any mum would buy first with a lottery win.

Dream Home

Easily one of the most common wishes on anyone’s lottery winning wish list, the home of her dreams is the first thing mum would buy. Leaving behind the world of mortgage payments and expensive maintenance fees is a lifelong dream for many of us. Actually, if we look at a study compiled by the National Lottery, property investments rank first among the type of purchases made by those who won the lottery. Some invest in historical manors, others go architecturally crazy having some modernistic buildings designed and erected for them, but almost all winners buy a house right after cashing in the prize. So, dream home does not sound so bad as a number one purchase in case I win the lottery, right?

New car

Whether it’s a sports car or new family vehicle, this is another very common item on anyone’s wish list. Winning the lottery means you won’t ever have to deal with car problems or issues, and you can always have that shiny new car you’ve dreamed of. Audi? Range Rover? BMW? Take your pick! These seem to be the lottery winners’ favourite car brands, but maybe you fancy something else?

Shopping Spree

A new wardrobe is something that every mum dreams of, lottery win or not. Being able to head out and go on the shopping spree of your dreams is a liberating fantasy that many mums have. Winning the lottery would enable you to buy whatever you wanted, without any regrets. Be reasonable, though!


Being a stay at home mum or a career mum is definitely no easy task. The stress of everyday life and raising children can become an overwhelming factor. Dream destinations of sunny beaches or exotic locations can be a dream that many mums have. Winning the lottery can help any mum reach those distant lands. How about treating your kids to a Disney World vacation?

Home improvements

If buying a home isn’t something that’s a big part of a lottery winning mum’s wish list, home renovation isn’t far off. Remodelling your kitchen or backyard, installing a new pool or Jacuzzi is something that only a few mums ever get to do. When you win the lottery you’ve got a chance to do something you have always dreamed of but never got to do.

These are just a few of the items on any mum’s wish list, especially if they hit an American lottery jackpot. While most people believe that winning the lottery is just a faraway dream, it’s something that can happen and has happened to a very lucky select few. Keep playing the lottery responsibly to increase your chances of winning it big!

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