*Review* Art of Football

If you are looking for that last gift idea for someone that is a little tricky but loves football then I have a great site for you.

Art of football

Art of Football was formed by two brothers to try and capture the energy and emotion that comes in football. They use illustrations that try to capture that moment without the normal mass produced picture of that moment, it comes with a bit more flair and creativity.

On their site you have a selection of products from t-shirts to hoodies with a great selection of those footballing moments that are in the memories of many football fans.

As a household of football fans this site is perfect for us, now unfortunately they didn’t have any Luton sporting history moments (there are a few… honest!) however luckily for Daddy Vs  Work they had a selection of Manchester United ones!

Art of football Art of football

I have to say, everything from the quality of the t-shirt to the packaging is really impressive with this company, they really have thought about everything and a bit extra to make sure they are sending out fantastic products.

Its not to late to get an order in before Christmas if you are looking to find that something special for a loved one this Christmas. It really will be a more unique gift and give them a truly special gift.

Art of Football

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