Turning our house into our dream home

We brought our home over 8 years ago and fingers crossed in the next few weeks we will finally be at a point where we are able to remortgage (I will bring you a whole post on remortgaging and the key things to consider once its done!)

With that then done our attention will be turning to getting our house into our dream home. Where we live might not be to everyone’s taste, after all our house is in fact a bungalow and it is also up a flight of stairs to get to the front door! The layout is a bit different to what you might imagine too with the bedrooms at the back and the living room kitchen at the front. However it is our home and has been for so long, we love it just the way it is.

It is also only 10 minutes in different directions to the infant, junior and high school, plus on a clear run i can get to work in 7 minutes! Why would we want to move?

We do however have to work on the house to make it better for us as a family.

Firstly on the list is the garden, currently we have the lower section which has our lovely no-mow grass down and now has a little bbq area however the rest is a big job that needs doing. We have to tier the garden out to make it useable, a job that can be done but one that is going to take time and money.


However once that is done we are then on to extending the house to make it 3 bedrooms plus extending the kitchen into a space that we can all get in the kitchen and enjoy baking and cooking together. Thankfully our bathroom has been done recently so after the big extension all that will leave is our living room/dining room.


This space is big enough for us as a family but we would love to be putting in a sky light above the dining room area to give us more light at this end of the room.

I’m well aware of the costs that are coming as well as the stress but after the first 5 months of this year I’m sure we can get this done and make our home the dream home that we all want!

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