Useful Money-Saving Tips for New Moms

It is not easy to manage your finances when you’re single what more when you have a baby and family already. Imagine how difficult it is to become a mom.

Moms are the ones who usually handle the finances at home. She takes care of the budgeting, planning and monitoring of the income generated in the household. They do their best to save for the future of the kids and the entire family.

For new moms out there, this can be a big challenge. But do not worry because we will share to you some useful money-saving tips for new moms to start becoming wise with money – budgeting and saving for the future to eventually achieve goals like buying a new house for the family.

Pick gender-neutral items 

It is exciting to do some shopping for your newborn. It is nice to choose girly outfits especially pink and floral. However, that’s not very practical thing to do. Instead, it is best to pick gender-neutral items so you can pass it down to your next child. That way, you will no longer need to buy new sets of items in case your second child has different gender from your first-born.


Not only you can save when you are breastfeeding but it is indeed advisable for all moms out there to breastfeed their child. Mother’s breast milk is still the best for babies. It gives a lot more nutrients compared to formula milk.

Buy baby clothes and items during mall sales  

When you are shopping for clothes and other baby items, you should make sure to do some research first. Know where there are sales – whether in the mall or online. You can save a lot of money from buying items that have discounted prices. 

Buy diapers in wholesale 

Diaper is one essential baby item that you definitely need to buy. To save, it is better to buy it in wholesale. Buy one of those 280-count cartons or other big packages and store it at home. 

Be the designer of the nursery room 

When designing the nursery room, do not bother to hire a professional interior designer or decorator. You can do it your self and in fact, it will be more special if you will be the one to design and work on it. Do this with your husband as a first gift to your dearest baby.

Skip the diaper bag  

It is not practical to buy a separate diaper bags. You can simply put the diapers on your bag when you are going out so why buy a separate one?

Telecommuting or working near for working moms

What better way to save when you’re a working mom than to save on fuel costs, which can add up really fast. No wonder housing areas where opportunities for light commute and fast internet access are fast sellers. Excellent examples are  houses for sale in Sydney from Lendlease which combine superb home quality for growing families and comfortable travel times for working moms.

With more and more families factoring in stable economy and lots of work opportunities, Australia is seen as a country where it is ideal to raise a family. Some prefer tropical destination to relocate – where cost of standard of living is generally lower and salary for expats are generally higher.

Having a baby can be very expensive. You have to buy so many things for the baby. And of course, you want to give them what they truly need. However, it is also important to become practical. Choose cheaper options and always think where you can save.

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