When does homework become too much?

When does homework become too much?

Kayleigh is our first born, therefore unforunatly for her everything that happens is a first for us as parents.

Her first tooth, her first step. losing her first tooth, first day at school, her first birthday party and so on. It doesn’t make them any more special than Ethan’s firsts but we most certainly learn from experience and know how to handle things going forward!

So when it comes to homework we are clueless on if the amount she is having to do is average or not.

On  weekly basis Kayleigh has to complete:

  1. Reading book
  2. Maths
  3. English
  4. Spelling related worksheet
  5. 10 new words for a spelling test
  6. Just last week she also had to learn her 3 times tables.

These all come home on a Friday to be completed and back to school by the Tuesday, the spelling test is then on the Friday.

Don’t get me wrong she is happy to do her homework however she is only 7 years old and is currently in year 2 so to me sometimes it can be a little bit too much work for her out of class. She just wants to be able to play at the weekend or do some fun things such as crafting or baking.


It can take her a little while to complete, especially if one of those pages is for her to design a poster for example as she takes a great deal of pride in her work and likes to complete it to the best she can.

If you have a little one I’d love to hear how much they have to do on a weekly basis and likewise if you are a teacher I’d be interested in how much they need to be set and why its a certain amount. We just want to make sure she is achieving what she should be but at the same time she has a happy childhood and grows up loving learning rather than hating it!

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