Want To Leave a Job? The 4 Big Questions To Ask Yourself

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In life, we’ve got to be happy, and so if you are thinking about leaving a job, you’ve got to ensure that as a working mum, you are doing it for the right reasons. If you are ready to quit a job, there are a number of things that you have to ask yourself.

Are You Running Away From Something?

A lot of people have to leave a role because it’s just not safe anymore. This is completely understandable and it’s important to remember that if you are deciding to leave a job because you are running away from some form of abuse, there are options for you to get the retribution you need. There is an abundance of no win no fee employment law solicitors available that can ensure that you are leaving for the right reasons and get the compensation you need. But if you’re running away from something that is just going to happen again in another job, it is down to changing either your attitude to the situation or asking yourself what you really want out of your career.

How Long Have You Been Feeling This Way?

If this has been ongoing for some time, you may want to think about when you were last happy for a long period of time. So many people think that they just need to give themselves more time to get over a speed bump, but there is a reason why you are feeling unhappy. If you are dissatisfied in a role and it’s been like this for some time, you may want to really address if it happened prior to the pandemic. A lot of people wanted to change careers because of pandemic burnout. But sometimes if you change your job, it’s not going to change the situation at large. In which case, taking time off might be the better approach.

What Do Your Family Say?

Sometimes, we’ve got to ask the people around us for some advice. You could ask friends and family, which can help you to understand and streamline your thinking so you have a more final decision. It’s not about passing the decision over to them, but it’s about remembering that they will see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. And this can help us when we start to search for jobs that really suit us. Sometimes, we don’t understand the skills that we really have and therefore, when someone points out that we are good with children or we have an affinity with numbers, a simple compliment like this can help us down a new track.

What Would You Achieve by Leaving?

So many of us focus on the things we don’t like, but if we change our way of thinking and be more positive, we might realise that there is a lot more in the role that we just weren’t allowing ourselves to see. If you have been passed over for a promotion or a pay rise, you may want to get a new job and this can mean that you will have a better salary.

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