Our weekly meal plan – 06/02/2017

Last week I missed my meal plan out completely.

Not because I couldn’t be bothered but I simply ran out of time to plan! It wasn’t a good thing though as last week we were so disorganised.

So it’s back to planning this week so everyone knows what we are having!

Also this week I need to start clearing space in our freezer as we are due to have a Musclefood delivery in the coming week so I am going to be using up what we have and making meals up as we go!

Monday –

Pasta & spinach – simple and easy to make. I make my own pasta sauce using an onion, garlic, little bit of chili, spinach and tinned tomatoes. I’ll blog the recipe later this week as its one of my easy go to recipes when we are in a hurry!

Tuesday –

Fry up – I know not really very healthy but I need to start clearing out the last of the bits in the freezer which includes sausages & bacon etc.

Wednesday –

Burger and wedges – Again we have boxes of odd burgers in the freezer which I want to clear out so it will be first come first served on the different burgers.

Thursday –

Tuna pasta bake – easy and a kids favourite so always as winner.

Friday –

Chilli beef with jacket potatoes I love this recipe and have done since I saw it on the telly! Its a great way to use different steaks that comes with our Musclefood hamper.

Saturday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – super easy and really good for freezing too if you have any leftover!

Sunday –

Toad in the hole – I haven’t made this in ages but I’m hoping it will be a big hit as Ethan would live on Yorkshire pudding if possible.

If we stick to this meal plan we should not only save money but create a bit of space in our freezer ready for our Musclefood order. Next week’s meal plan may be a little different as I’ve just found out I am intolerant to yeast and cows milk so I am due to make some major adjustments to my diet.

Going forward I will be sharing more on this topic in a completely different post but also any receipts I may be used to allow for this intolerance.

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