Extra income report #1 – January 2017

January has come and gone already and it means that we are 1/12 of the way through our time to reach our goals this year. If you are a regular reader you may remember reading my post about making goals for 2017.

In this I had set myself a target to make an extra £2000 alongside my full time job. This is through a combination of blog posts, matched betting and other things such as eBay, cash back and mystery shopping.

So how did I get on in the first month? Surprisingly I actually did really well!

Blog income – £545.00

This is mainly made up of sponsored posts and advertising on the blog. I am happy to take/work on sponsored posts on my blog as long as they are relevant to my readers but am hoping in 2017 to build up more affiliates on the blog so they work alongside my posts I currently have.

I did sign up for a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and now that January is out of the way I am hoping to put more of what I learn’t into practice this month to boost my income. Michelle last year earn’t almost $1 million from her blog so if I could get just 10% of that by the end of the year that would be amazing, in fact anything would be better than nothing!

Matched Betting – £453.00

I know I have mentioned matched betting lots on the blog but I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this has made to our finances. Even around work and part time doing this I have made over £450 this month tax free from matched betting. I use Profit Accumulator to get the instructions on the offers and the best way to make money from it. From these I pick and choose the best offers for my time that I have.

There is lots on people making over £1000 a month from matched betting and that is my aim for February. We very rarely touch our matched betting pot and let it roll over to create a little cushion for emergencies.

If you give matched betting a go or what to ask any questions just pop me a comment below or an email and I will get back to you ASAP.

Other income – £480.00

I’ve put this as other income however it is only made up of Ebay sales and Quidco this month. We’ve had a clear out of some of Daddy Vs Work Warhammer 40k models this month which amounts to the bulk of this income.

We still have a few models to sell this month plus we are going to start clearing out the bits around the house which we are not using which is a double edge sword as it earns us some cash but also clears us some space too.

Total extra income = £1478.00

This is an amazing figure for the first month. I know realistically every month wont be like this however I am going to keep pushing and working hard to bring extra cash in.

Out of my blog income I have taken 20% out which I put aside to cover my tax bill. We also had to pay our paypal/ebay charges from our income which was approximately £90. Even with these 2 things the income was still pretty amazing and I’m hoping that February continues like this!

February goals –

    1. Push on with the matched betting and aim for £1000
    2. List another 10 items on eBay
    3. Try and be consistent with the blog income and aim for another £500 in February
    4. Finish my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and start putting it into practice.

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