Our weekly meal plan – 12/02/2018

Good morning & welcome back to our latest meal plan. The kids are off and school holidays are underway.

This then gives us the excuse to have lazier evenings as there is no rush in the evenings. With that in mind I’ve gone for easier meal options this week so we can all have a break.

This is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

Salmon – Not sure quiet what I’m going to do with it to be honest! Thinking a spiced salmon with rice dish but we shall see how it turns out!

Tuesday –

Pancakes – Only one thing to have when it is Shrove Tuesday!

Wednesday –

Chicken Rogan – Can’t beat a homemade curry, yummy!

Thursday –

Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Again I found this recipe whilst looking at the Tesco food website so plan to give it a go!

Friday –

Chicken Kiev’s & chips – Lazy and quick dinner tonight.

Saturday –

Homemade pizza – We never did get around to trying this last week, so planning an attempt tonight.

Sunday –

Roast – Usual on our menu, a roast of some sort depending on what is on offer.

We are doing quiet well at trying out new recipes so I’m hoping this is going to give us more of a variety as the year goes on.

What is cooking in your home this week?

Our weekly meal plan 12022018

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