*Review* Simba Hybrid®Mattress

Back in January I wrote this post on our lack of sleep and in it mentioned that Simba had kindly offered to send us one of their Simba Hybrid® Mattress to try out.

It has been a little over 5 weeks since it arrived so now is a good time to catch up on how it has been.

So firstly, our Simba delivery, what can I say it went super smooth. I was kept in the loop on the delivery and when they were on the way. We have a bit of a problem with our deliveries some times as we live up a flight of stairs (yes, they keep us fit, yes, it’s a nightmare in the snow, no never had any problems….). The delivery drivers were more than happy to do the delivery and remove our old mattress with no trouble at all.

They kindly offered to put it in the room of our choice and headed off on the way with no complaints at all.

Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress

When your new mattress arrives, it is vac-packed in a roll, so the box is quite small considering it contains a Simba king size mattress. You get a clever little tool to pop it out of the packaging and place onto your bed ready to let it regain its shape and size.

It takes a couple of hours to regain its shaped and a few days to completely settle down. You may notice a strange smell for the first week or so, this is just the memory foam and it does settle down after a while.

Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress

The one thing I have noticed about mattresses that have memory foam in them, they are hard to begin win. Don’t think you are going to sit on the bed and sink into it, that is not what happens at all.

Our old mattress was so soft it was silly, so when this one arrived it was a bit of a shock at how hard it was to start with. Over a couple of days though as it settled down and got used it was much better.

The thing you are all wondering though, has it improved our sleep?

Let’s put it this way it is hard to get up for work in the morning now! I’ve found that once you are in bed, you slowly let the mattress support your whole body. Without knowing, it starts to cocoon you into the perfect condition to sleep. Whether that be on your back, front or side, it has been engineered to give you the perfect support base. With the combination of pocket springs and memory foam, it allows two people to sleep with different body types and sleeping patterns without interrupting the sleep (I’m afraid it doesn’t address snorer’s though!)

Buying a new mattress is a big investment however Simba are so confident in their product they offer you a 100-day trial, so after purchasing your mattress, if in the first 100 days you are not happy they will come collect your mattress and give you a refund.

Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress

I love our new Simba mattress and have already decided that we will be investing in the Simba bunk bed mattress for the kids as they are long overdue new mattresses! It is a big investment, however, you can’t put a value on the price of a good nights sleep!

I will be popping a final post up in about 6 weeks on how we are finding the mattress still and our top tips for getting a good nights sleep so make sure you pop back to check out how we are getting on then.

Getting a good nights sleep with Simba Hybrid®Mattress

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