Our weekly meal plan – 19/02/2018

Our weekly meal plan – 19/02/2018

Good morning and happy Monday! It is time for our latest meal plan.

We have been trying really hard to meal plan and stick to it this year as we attempt to cut the food bill and I have to say it is actually starting to pay off. Even on the days we have gone off plan we have used bits in the house rather than reaching for the takeaway which is a huge improvement for us!

I order from Musclefood every 6-8 weeks which is about £70 an order however this combined with a £60 weekly shop (yes, I have finally got it under control!) and a top up shop of a few pounds, we are spending on average less than £300 a month for us as a family of 4. This includes all our meals, treats and cleaning/beauty products.

I understand that people do it for a lot less however going from £500 – £600 a month to £300 is a great start! How much do you spend on your shopping?

So back to the meal planning this week. We are using up a few bits we have left from last week and planning a fish we’ve not had for a while.

Here is what we are cooking:

Monday –

Smoked haddock and potatoes – Really quick but super tasty.

Tuesday –

Leftover chicken stew & dumplings – This recipe from Easy Peasy foodie was a big hit so back on the menu.

Wednesday –

Pasta with spinach & tomatoes – I love this dish as it is just a quick dinner packed full of iron! Perfect midweek dish.

Thursday –

Sausage, chips, eggs and beans – Musclefood do delicious pork sausages and they are delicious. Quick meal but yummy all the same.


Honey & mustard chicken with rice – We haven’t had this dish in a long time so plan to have it this week.

Saturday –

Vegetable noodles – I followed a recipe for chow mein a few weeks back that was nice but tonight I am going to add a bit of chilli and beansprouts for flavour.

Sunday –

Roast – Usual on our menu, a roast of some sort depending on what is on offer.

So, there we are, simple meals but yummy at the same time.

What is cooking in your house this week?

Our meal plan for the week 19/02/2018


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