Weight Watchers Week 1

So my first week is down with Weight Watchers (well 10 days!) and its time to update you on how I’ve been getting on.

So far I’ve lost 1lb which is ok, I was 2lb down at the half way point though so I’m a little disappointed. I suppose with not a huge amount to lose it is going to be a bit slower compared to others but I think the fact I was down 2lb and put 1 back on is what has annoyed me.

I’ve been using the Weight Watchers app to track my points and progression and I’ve found it so easy to use on the go. The app makes it easier too when your shopping to make the informed choices.

Like your Weight Watchers online you have access to your points, your weight progression and a whole host of other options such as pro point calculator and featured recipes.

I honestly think I would have failed by now completely if it wasn’t for the APP making life so simple. It for me is a must have for the Pro Point diet.

Ok so this week’s goals:

  • Stick to my target
  • Don’t overspend on the points
  • Work out regularly
  • believe in myself

Update next week as always!


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