Why do they have to grow up?!

In a little over 3 weeks it will be Kayleigh’s 4th birthday, my little girl really is no longer a baby but in fact a little girl.

It’s funny when your pregnant how you wish for your baby to be here and when their here you wish for time to slow down. I’ve never shared my pregnancy on my blog so with Kayleigh’s birthday upon us why not.

We had just moved into our house in the December 2007 (14th to be precise, never a good time to move!) and in with that move we started talking regarding babies. I knew I was ready but had to wait for my other half to decide when he was ready. It was a joint decision we had to make so I knew that time would be the only decider. It didn’t take long and in January 2008 I came of the pill

On the 18th February we found out that we was expecting our first bundle of joy. The warning sign I should have noticed was that a week or so before I had managed to lose my parking ticket in town and burst into tears telling the parking officer at the car park about it.

It was a nervy few months to start with, I couldn’t allow myself to browse the gorgeous M&S Baby Wear planning what I was going to buy our little one. The NHS was very slow around here and it took them till I was 14 weeks pregnant to get my scan done so we decided to go private.

We headed over to the gorgeous Babybond in Milton Keynes and just the sheer relief of seeing our baby on the screen brought me to tears.

My pregnancy with Kayleigh was actually pretty plan sailing till my 7th month. One day in August I went for a routine appointment where my midwife was concerned about her growth. From that day I was signed off work and sent to the hospital for a growth scan that day. All turned out well in the end, she wasn’t far behind the size expected but due to the stress of my role at the time they would not allow me to return to work.

We did have one scary moment when I thought I was in labour and ended up at the early labour ward, I was contracting for a few hours but thankfully it settled down and she stayed put.

One really memorable moment of my pregnancy with Kayleigh was our 4d scan, it was a dream lying there watching her on the big screen. One thing I would really recommend having. I still watch the dvd 4 years down the line!

Kayleigh’s labour was a long one… nearly 22 hours from start to finish but what you get at the end of it was so worth the effort.

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