Why I am thankful we are fortunate to be able travel

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Travelling I think is something everyone took for granted pre-covid. Now with the roadmap back to some sort of freedom, many of us are thinking of plans to explore the world again.

For us, we never travelled much before. However, what I have learnt during the lockdown is how much I would love to be able to appreciate the UK a bit more. Our long term plan is still to move to the countryside or nearer the coast eventually. But for now, we are going to have to settle with trips around the UK. We are very fortunate to live only 10 minutes from an airport and the main motorway. This means getting around the world, is pretty simple (when we have the budget!).

One place I would like to visit for a weekend is Edinburgh. It is just over an hours flight away from us, which makes it the perfect long weekend destination. We could fly up and stay local to the airport in a hotel for a few nights. This is on my wish list for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Scotland is a place where we are seriously considering retiring to. I would like to go sooner, but uprooting the children when they are settled in schools is just something we don’t want to do. This trip would give us all the chance to explore Scotland and find out more about potential home areas.

I would love the chance to go on the steam train through the Scottish Highlands like in Harry Potter. It would be the perfect way to take in all the scenery too and appreciate how beautiful Scotland is. Another thing on the wish list would be Edinburgh Castle. We’ve watched so many fireworks being launched over there at New Year and it is cased in history. It is a place I would love to take the kids and find out more about it.

Why I am thankful we are fortunate to be able travel

There is just so much to see and do there, I know that we could have an action-packed weekend and still not see half of it!

With the lockdown over the last year, I have learnt to appreciate more of what is around us. As much as our home serves us well and is convenient. It has not been in a place where we have the countryside on our doorstep. Once we are able to get out and about I think we will realise how lucky we are to have the option to travel. I can’t wait to see more of the world and be thankful for having the chance to do so! If you are planning to travel this year there are lots of things to consider, especially if you are travelling abroad. This post on 4 things to do before a European holiday this year is a great place to get started.

If you are looking for tips on general travel. this post is great for helping you prepare for a trip and remind you of the important things to consider before you travel.

Make sure before you make any travel plans that you check the government guidance for travel, this changes often and you don’t want to break the rules.

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