Why I hate decorating!

If your following us on Facebook you may remember me sharing a picture of mistake when it came to decorating the living room.

Now we’ve lived in our house for over 5 years and the living room has been the same since we moved in, just before Christmas we decided to take the plunge and go for it. All started from buying a sofa!

It wasn’t as simple as that though, we had planned to get the windows done. This was done the 2nd January by Safestyle Uk and I have to say it was pretty painless apart from it being about -2 when it was done! Then after that I was all go.


We had a new ceiling put up, carpet ripped out and new skirting put on. Then we had our walls lined ready for the paint.


The thing is though I can’t cope with the mess, so by the end of it I was ready for it to be finished! I’m not a decorator at all, don’t get me wrong, I’ll give it a go but I’m useless! However we were very lucky that the in-laws are fab decorators who helped every step of the way. I’d like to think I’m more creative helping pick the colours, furnishings and finishing touches. That’s when I got it horribly wrong.

Our living room window is over 3 meters wide so is huge, I’d originally debated whether to get a blind from Web-Blinds, I love the look of roman blinds but with the size of the window ruled that one out so I went with curtains instead. In a real deep red colour to compliment the browns and white.

Once the walls we’re painted I couldn’t wait to put them up, only to realise I had brought the wrong size! It was one of those gutting moments that had us in hysterics as I couldn’t believe after taking the measurements I had brought the wrong ones. I felt like a right doughnut!


Anyway I went and brought the next size and all was well in the end!

We have since had the sofa and the radiator covers delivered which I think help finish the room and since then it has become the heart of the house! I love spending time in our living room and we all snuggle up on the sofa to enjoy movies together.

after2 After

The only thing we’re missing is something on the big wall as a feature, I’ve just not come across anything that does what I want yet. So that’s the challenge for the next few months. On the plus side I don’t plan to decorate for another few years anywhere else in the house!

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