Why Italy is the Perfect Place for a Family Holiday

If you are planning a family holiday, then you will find it incredibly difficult to choose the right destination. This should be somewhere where you can all enjoy spending time and create many happy memories together. This can be challenging, however, as everyone will have different ideas of fun and interests. One place which is well-suited to just about everyone is a camping holiday in Italy. Read on to find out why:

Activities for All Ages

Italy is somewhere that has something for everyone. Italy, of course, has a world-famous culture so the cities are wonderful places to explore with architectural highlights, art museums, coffee shops and historical attractions. Italy is also a country of outstanding natural beauty so there are plenty of green areas and coastlines where kids can play and mum and dad can chill out and soak up the sun (the weather here can be lovely too). If your family are more active types, then there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the natural surroundings and get out to hike, cycle and explore somewhere different each day.


Food can be a nightmare when you travel overseas with kids as they can be very fussy and hesitant to change. The great thing about Italy is that they are likely to be familiar with Italian classics and the food here is absolutely divine whether this is pizza, pasta or any other speciality. Not only this, but you can easily find food that they enjoy back home in the major cities too.

Strong Family Culture

In Italian culture, family means everything. This means that most places are very welcoming to young children and it is common to see youngsters at restaurants even late at night. This can help you to feel more welcome and also safe knowing that family and children are so important here. Not only this, but it can be good for your kids to see the value of family and enjoying one another’s company as this is sometimes neglected back at home.

New but Familiar

Finally, taking your kids to Italy is a good idea because it will introduce them to a new culture but one that is familiar to back home. Taking children to places around the world is a great chance to open their eyes and introduce them to new places, cultures and ideas. Equally, you do not want to take them somewhere that is so far removed from what they are used to that they do not enjoy themselves, but this is not a problem in Italy.

Italy is a wonderful country and a brilliant place for a family vacation. There is something for everyone here and it is somewhere where you are sure to make many happy memories whether this is dining on delicious authentic cuisine in an Italian restaurant or exploring the stunning natural surroundings.

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