Our weekly meal plan – 22/04/19

Our weekly meal plan – 22/04/19

Good afternoon and welcome back to a slightly later than usual meal plan. The Easter break is coming to the end however we are now all fully recharged and ready to go with the new school term, even if it is just a short one this time!

We haven’t really stuck to the meal plan last week but at the same time not really spent much money. We’ve just used up what has been in the freezer and cupboards depending on what we have fancied that week.

I do really need to place a MuscleFood order but I’ve just not come across any offers that suit us yet so keeping my eye on that. Here is what we are cooking this week though.

Our meal plan –  22/04/19:

Monday –

Hot dogs and wedges – We had some sausages left over from yesterdays BBQ which we didn’t use so it is a quick dinner tonight for us.

Tuesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Using up the leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday –

Pork chops & potatoes – It feels like such a long time since we had pork chops so I am really looking forward to this.

Thursday –

Pasta – Not sure what with yet but it is going to be quick.

Friday –

Fish and chips –  Nothing fancy and sadly not from the takeaway, but it is just as tasty.

Saturday –

Takeaway – It is the end of the month so a treat for us all.

Sunday –

Roast chicken in the slow cooker & all the trimmings – I picked up a yellow sticker chicken so looking forward to this as I use the slow cooker and the halo which means minimal effort on my part.

If you are just starting meal planning but need some inspiration, you can check out our previous meal plans here. Alternatively, make sure you check out our Pinterest boards as we have lots of meal inspirations on there.

Our weekly meal plan 22nd April 2019


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