Why Newspapers Make Great Lockdown Gifts

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It’s fair to say that the last year has been challenging for most of us. Some of us haven’t been able to see our nearest and dearest for over a year now. That means there’s all the more reason to find something special to show them that we appreciate them.

Why an old newspaper?

Some people are easier to buy for than others. It can be difficult to find the perfect present for our older relatives, whether that be our parents or grandparents. A newspaper, however, is definitely something that will be universally cherished – a combination of something to keep them busy during the long lockdown days, and something they can treasure for even longer afterwards.

Times are trying, but help them remember better days, that hopefully won’t be too far in the future.

Commemorate a special occasion

If you’re looking for gifts for the older person in your life such as personalised 90th birthday gifts, you can commemorate the occasion with an original newspaper from the birth or wedding date.

So many people will be celebrating (as much as they can celebrate) landmark birthdays and anniversaries in lockdown. We can mark these occasions in person together when this is all over. In the meantime, send them something unusual to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them or their special day. It would be so interesting for them to see what else was happening on their date of birth, or when they were busy getting married! The fact that this is such a personalised gift makes it even better.

Everyone likes being reminded of better days!

Read all about it

Have they read all of their books? Finished all of their puzzles? Watched everything there is to watch on BBC iPlayer? Keep them entertained with an original newspaper from a period of time in which they are particularly interested. Original newspapers are available from as early as 1901, so they can relive a historic event today by reading reports from the time. Maybe they are particularly interested in World War One, or are big fans of the royal family. As long as you know which date to choose, you will easily be able to purchase the perfect present.

Dare I say it… even better than a book?

Books make great gifts. That’s a fact. However, we all have very different interests and preferences. Most people prefer one sort of newspaper and stick to it. This is excellent in the context of gift-giving because it means that it is much easier for you to get right. From The Sun to The Times, there are so many original newspapers available that you will surely be able to find their favourite.

Have I convinced you? You may surprise yourself and the recipient with how amazing an original newspaper can be!

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