Work to carry out on your home in the summer

With the summer months now rolling in and the weather a bit dryer, there are lots of bits of work around the home that you might have been putting off till the summer months.

Let’s face it, when it is dry, getting building work done is just so much easier.

For example, when we got our replacement windows, some bright spark (me…) wanted them done as soon as possible. Now that may have seemed like a great idea, but I can assure you that the weather on the 3rd January was blooming freezing. So, you can imagine how cold it was when they had removed all our old double glazed windows ready to put in the new ones.

Living in a bungalow it meant they took the old ones out at the same time and worked round putting the new ones in, it was freezing!

There is lots of other work though that it is slightly easier when the weather is nicer too. We are going to be doing some building work over the summer and this will include having plastering done and painting. I’m hoping with the drier weather being here we will be able to open the windows and air the house as much as possible.

Other big building work including extensions and conservatory work are also handy to be done in dry weather, just to help things set.

Living in the UK it is not always easy to predict the weather and we are used to working around it, however, the summer months just seems to give everyone that get up and go when it comes to house and building work.

We have some pretty big plans coming up and I am sure lots of other people do too!

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