Working from Home earnings – May 16

So early last month I wrote about setting a target on making money for May with the hope of building the home earned money month on month.

Now we have entered into June it was time to find out just how we had done.

Matched betting – £509.33

The money we made was about 3 weeks of matched betting done around work, not bad considering we have slowed down our betting due to being in the middle of re-mortgaging our house so we haven’t had time really to be doing it. Plus it has gone a little quiet with the end of the football season however it is about to all kick off again as there is lots of offers on for the Euro 2016.

From our personal experience we really do believe that matched betting can work and is a great source of extra money, that is also tax free.

Like I mentioned in our post discussing whether matched betting was a scam, if you follow the instructions you will slowly increase your initial outlay and it wont take you long to be in a profit. You can give the first two offers a go without paying for the Profit Accumulator and then if it works you can subscribe from there and I would suggest if you are thinking about it, just trying the opening offers to see how you get on.

If you do give it a go, please come back and let us know how you get on! We are happy to help out if we can if you get stuck.

Freelance/Blog – £815 (before tax)

This is probably the most money I have ever made from my freelance/blog work and although I am hoping it continues to build I know that it is really unpredictable plus it also depends on how quick people are to pay their invoices!

Going forward I am going to keep pushing on with the freelance work and I’m hoping to continue building the blog up more in the coming months. It’s quiet hard doing it aroud a full time job however it is something I love doing and it has come in really helpful for a little extra spending money!

June’s Targets –

So we are already 4 days into June and I have been thinking about targets for this month. Again its a really busy month however  I am pushing on with making money.

The target is going to be the same as last month as it is only month 2 and I want to be happy we can make the target monthly so this is £500 on matched betting and £500 from the blog/freelance. We are also having a good clear out of our house to create space and make a little bit more money, this is coming from ebaying the little bits we have lying around that may not be used any more but someone else can make use out of.

Are you setting yourself a little target for June?

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