Dear Ethan… Happy 6th Birthday – An open letter to you

Dear Ethan,

Happy 6th Birthday!

Every year I write a little letter to you to share your year that has just gone by plus some pictures of the year. I’m hoping that maybe one day you will be able to look back at them as little snippets into what you got up to as your grew up.

This year you have come on leaps and bounds at school, you are just about to go into year 2 at school and already have the basic concept of maths and writing but also are virtually there when it comes to reading fluently.

It has just come naturally to you and you love to learn facts about nature and the history, however homework isn’t something you love as you would much rather be out in the garden playing or on your iPad!

You take after Daddy with your love of computers, nothing phases you and you take everything in your stride with the games. Your main love is Skylanders however you managed to complete Skylanders Superchargers in the first few months after getting it for Christmas even though you didn’t play it much!

At school this year you have done a karate class and more recently a dance class, you love to dance but stop when anyone watches. You just bust out the moves even if we are in the middle of the shop!

Fruit is something you would eat endlessly (and cereal like Daddy!) however you have become a bit of a fussy eater. I know it’s just a stage you are going through but trying to find something you will eat other than cereal, sandwiches, tuna pasta and pizza is a bit stressful. Fingers crossed by the time I write this next year you will be a bit less fussy.

For now though little man, just keep being you. Keep being this funny little man who loves life and laughs at pretty much everything, keep taking in everything you are learning and carry on being loving.

Happy birthday sweetheart

Lots of love

Mummy, Daddy & Kayleigh


Birthday Birthday Birthday

Birthday Birthday Birthday IMG_9183 - Copy Birthday





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