10 Timeless Pieces to Have for a Sophisticated Office Wardrobe

Who says office wear needs to be drab and boring? With the wide variety of office wear essentials you can choose from today—from blouses to bottoms and accessories to footwear—it is now easier than ever to look chic in the office without sacrificing comfort. Here are some pieces that are surely a must-have for your office wardrobe.

1. Black blazer – This one is a staple in any working lady’s wardrobe. Simple yet effective, a black blazer can be worn over a blouse or shirt and instantly have the look go from casual to professional. Of course, the key here is to choose a blazer that’s the right fit for you—anything too loose or tight won’t have the same effect. The next time you shop for one, try on various sizes first to see which feels the best to move around in.

2. Long-sleeved tee  – A long-sleeved tee combines the stylish professional look of a blazer but without the extra layer, making it more comfortable to wear even in warmer weather. While you can never go wrong with plain colours, patterns such as stripes or even a floral print can give your look an added oomph.

3. Hosiery – Wearing an elegant hosiery under a skirt or a dress can easily spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. Make sure to choose one that fits well to your figure so it feels comfortable as you go about your day. The choice of colour and design can also complement the overall look of your outfit.

4. Short-sleeved dress – The versatility of this piece is unmatched, making it a great addition to any office wardrobe. During warmer seasons, you can wear it as is and feel at ease knowing that it still exudes a level of professionalism because of the sleeves. Meanwhile, when the colder season rolls in, simply throw a blazer over it for additional warmth.

5. Pencil skirt – Another classic for any office lady’s wardrobe, a knee-length pencil skirt gives the wearer a dignified and powerful look. Darker colours are a popular choice for pencil skirts but light-coloured ones such as tan or grey can also work well depending on what top you’re wearing.

6. Black pants – Same with the black blazer, black pants are an essential piece to have as they can be mixed and matched with many other clothing. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it’s also practical and comfortable especially if you’re the type who needs to walk around the office a lot. When choosing black pants, pick one that fits well and won’t feel too baggy or tight as you move around.

7. Dark denim – Perhaps there’s a casual attire day in the office or maybe you’re just meeting someone outside for a quick meeting and don’t want to feel overdressed. Dark denim pants paired with your favourite blouse as contrast is perfect for that semi-casual look you’re going for. Your choice of footwear can further complement this look, whether you wish to lean more on the formal look with pumps or the casual vibe with flats. They work well for the wardrobes of individuals working in the creative industry, be it a digital marketing firm, a film production outfit, an ad agency, or a graphic design company.

8. Loafers  – If you’re the type who needs to move around a lot, loafers are a must for your wardrobe. They look classy and are quite comfortable to walk with, given their almost flat heels. If you feel like the work day’s going to be a busy one, slip on your loafers instead to give your feet a much-needed break from heels.

9. Pumps  – Want the strong allure of wearing stilettos but with less pain and more comfort? Consider getting a pair of pumps instead. This footwear carries the sophisticated look of high heels but given its sturdier heels, there’s less pressure on your feet. As with the other items on this list, pumps can be paired with almost anything—whether with a pencil skirt and stockings or with your dark denim.

10. Accent piece  – This can be a wildcard, encompassing any accessory that you feel can add a touch of your personality to your look. While office wardrobes tend to put emphasis on looking professional, that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of anything that catches the eye so long as it’s still within reason.

For example, a pair of pearl earrings will stand out well in contrast to your black blazer and pants. It also adds charm to balance the strong, no-nonsense look. Or perhaps your favourite colour is purple. Why not use a purple ponytail holder next time? Not only does it give you a more polished look, but it also gives a peek into your personality and likes.

Dressing up for work doesn’t have to be a dreary affair. In fact, you can choose to shine and stand out yet still maintain that sense of professionalism suited for the setting. With these timeless pieces, you can surely show the world that you mean business—in style, of course.

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