Activities to enjoy during family time

Activities to enjoy during family time

As our children have got older and life has got busier, we have found our time doing activities as a family is a lot less.

I am quite conscious of this as I don’t want the kids to feel like we didn’t really spend time together and even if we don’t always have lots of time, I want us all to be able to look back at the time we do spend together as fond memories. At the same time though, I don’t want the kids to feel like they are forced to spend time as a family. I want it to be a time that they are able to look forward to each week and maybe even come up with some suggestions of things that they would like to do.

When they were younger they used to love heading to the park on their scooters or bikes, now when I look at sites like Skates, I realise just how much they have grown up. Long gone are the baby scooters and clunky roller skates, now it is more skateboards and pro scooters!

We have changed a Friday night now to family night, this doesn’t mean we spend the whole evening together however we sit down with some lovely food and do something together. This changes depending on how we are feeling and what people like to do but here are some ideas on what we get up to:

  1. Movie night – There is nothing better than getting comfortable with a good movie and some popcorn. Where we are there is a cinema but it’s not the greatest, so we much prefer to save our money and have a home cinema night instead. The money saved goes towards getting a takeaway in and some snacks, with some change to spare.Activities to enjoy during family time
  2. Board games – Kayleigh and Ethan love board games and we have so many, some of which are now too young for our two, however, we still play games like Monopoly and Dungeons & Dragons, the board game version. As they have got older, they have become very competitive too which means it ends up all against all.Activities to enjoy during family time
  3. Play cards – One great thing about the kids getting older is we can now play card games like 7 card brag. The bonus to this is, if you are the winner you get a sweet, this always goes down well!

With everything going on, we are finding ourselves at home more as its the restrictions in place just do not appeal to me for heading for days out just yet. However, it doesn’t mean we have to be bored at home! Once the weather cools down we will be back out enjoying some fresh air in the garden and hopefully baking too. Sometimes when the kids are in bed, I play a little bit of blackjack online, click here to download.

I would love to hear if you have any family favourite activities when you want to spend some quality time together.

Activities to enjoy during family time

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