Aims and goals for October 2019

Wow, we are in October already and it is time to set some new aims and goals for this month.

Before we do that though, I do like to do a quick reflection on how I got on with my September goals.

September 2019 reflection:

Blog goals-

  1. Schedule Pinterest until the end of October – I’m a few days off with this but close enough to count it!
  2. Schedule a week in advance by the end of September – Nope, this one I am not even close to. In fact, I’m still writing blog posts on the day.
  3. Create and publish 2 new recipes – No, didn’t achieve this one either.

Personal goals –

  1. Get in a routine – Somewhat in a routine now, though this is more of a back to school routine than anything else.
  2. Work out 3 times a week – I started but due to building work we are hugely limited on space so I need to pick this back up when we have a bit more space.
  3. Set some goals for blog and streams for the remainder of 2019 – I didn’t even start this one.

Wow, all in all, I did terribly, I would love to make an excuse for why I didn’t stick to them but that would be pointless. I was just not focused in September and found it really tough. However, it is a new month so we are looking forward now, not back.

Goals for October

Blog goals-

  1. Schedule until Christmas – This might sound a little crazy but if I can get the bulk of my scheduling done until Christmas that would make my life a little easier in the coming months.
  2. Get a week ahead – I know I failed this last month but I am going to give it another try.
  3. Publish 2 new recipes – I want to get more recipes on the blog so I need to do this.
  4. Plan and start the Christmas content – I love Christmas so I can’t wait to do this!

Personal goals –

  1. Get Kayleigh in her room – This should happen over the weekend, just need to get painting!
  2. Finish the hallway – This would then just leave us our bedroom to decorate.
  3. Plan for 2020 – I have a new desire to get the blog and work back of the ground. I just need to get organised and plan my method of approach for 2020!

I’ve not done the best at sticking to these aims lately but I’m hoping it turns out a little better this month.

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