Our weekly meal plan – 23/01/17

Meal planning is in full swing and I have to say I am pleased we are sticking with it!

Not sure if its the saving money or the amount of stress cut out by it all however cooking from a meal plan makes my life so much easier. Last week we had to change a few things around due to a couple of things so this week I’m hoping we can stick to it properly 🙂


Pie, potatoes and veg – Our bargain Pukka Pies are making an appearance, due to a change of plan last week they never got cooked. Simple and quick so I don’t have to spend too long cooking.


Fry up – So I know it’s not technically that healthy however we will grill our bacon, sausages etc to make sure its a little healthier! We have lots of sausages and bacon in the freezer from our Musclefood orders this seems the best way to use it up.


Tuna pasta bake – Another lazy family favourite on a Wednesday again!


Jacket potato and chilli beef – I once caught an episode of Eat Well For Less and this was on the show. It looked and sounded amazing and it is super tasty plus simple to cook.


Pizza – Again it’s likely to be an Asda pizza to keep costs down.


Fish & potatoes – I have some cod in the freezer which I’d like to use up. I haven’t decided quietly what we will have but something along these lines.


Roast – Our weekly roast again! As usual, I will pop the chicken in the slow cooker as it is so easy to cook!

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