Catching up with life – #3 – 2017

Another week has passed and it seems like a bit of a blur really! Where has January gone already?!

I’m sure I say that every time it gets to the end of the month however it does really feel like January has gone in the blink of an eye.

This week I only had a 4 day working week and a 3 day weekend which was lovely, I could get used to not working on a Friday or any day for that matter however we have bills to pay so I have to keep plodding on.

On Friday I spent the day with Daddy Vs Work doing nothing important but things that needed to be done (including a trip to Costco!) however it was lovely just to be able to spend time together the two of us without any real plans to get through, just seeing where the day ended up.

We popped to Pets at Home to get the dog food on the way home and left skint and with a new family member! Let me introduce you to our new pet, Nibbles the hamster!

Catching up with life

The kids have been asking to have their own pet to look after for a while now and we decided to surprise them with him after school. They are responsible for making sure he has water and food and every week will be the ones to clean him out and look after him.

We shall see how that turns out however he is quiet cute so I don’t mind if Daddy Vs Work & I have to look after him 😀


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