Chocolate microwave mug cake

Microwave, its a kitchen gadget that we all have but most of us only use it for convenience meals or quickly to heat up leftovers however they do so much more than that.

You know that feeling you get when you are really in the mood for a pudding but can’t be bothered to go and bake anything? How about a cake in 5 minutes?

That’s right you can have a microwave mug cake in less than 5 minutes from start to finish! After a little search online it seems that there is so many recipes for different cakes and bakes for you to make using your microwave.

As delicious as some of the recipes sounded I decided to go for a  good old chocolate cake, lets face it there isn’t a better cake really!

This recipe took a couple of attempts to get right however now it is perfected it is yummy and so easy to make. The ingredients are things that most people have in the cupboard so it can be made as a last minute decision rather than planning too. So if its a cold night and you are looking for a quick pudding, these would be great, plus you can top them with whippy cream and marshmallows for the ultimate indulgence.

Chocolate microwave cake
I am the worse for not using the microwave more than for heating up beans however I should probably use mine more as these combination microwave oven by Panasonic do so much more than heat up beans! It seems as though they got a bad name for being a convince item rather than the useful kitchen item that they really are.

Are you a fan of your microwave or are you a bit like me where you’ve not used it to your advantage most of the time?

Easy to make Chocolate microwave mug cake

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