Taking time out to relax and recover

Taking time out to relax and recover

January has been a tough month, it feels like a long month due to pay day being ages away and the weather is cold and miserable. So how do you really take time out to relax this month?

For me I am a home body, I love to be at home with my family, in our lazy clothes just doing nothing of anything really. Watching some great films and just generally chilling out.

Don’t get me wrong we have busy days/weekends where we are up and out of the house before 9, as we tend to get out and do things quickly before it gets busy however on our lazy weekends we like to do nothing. I suppose this comes from being out of the house at work all week and wanting to make the most of our time together at the weekend and just relax.

We were lucky enough to receive a bundle of films to get us through the last of this month and keep us going into January, which I am very thankful for!

Now I know the kids wont be able to watch many of these but I know they will probably enjoy Hobbit. I’ve still not seen any of the Hobbit films however I am looking forward to watching it this month.

One of my favourite films in this bundle however is Inception. It is one of those films where you have to get your head around the story line and even when you do it throws you off later in the film.

Are you a movie fan or do you prefer to get stuck into a box set?


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