Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas gift ideas for kids

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The market for children at Christmas is huge and if you ask kids, they could write you a huge list for Santa! With this in mind, I have looked around for the best toys and gifts on the market to help narrow down the best gift ideas for kids.

Under 11’s

Heroines of history tablecloth or wall-hanging – RRP £24.95

Christmas gift ideas for kids

This fab tablecloth doubles up as a bit of a history lesson, alongside some arty fun. Using the QR code on the packaging, your child can learn more about these amazing women through time and expand their knowledge of the history around them. The cloth also has 3 frames for them to create their own little masterpiece too.

Children are able to colour in the portraits and gorgeous frames in their own way, using the ten wash-out fabric pens that come with the set. You are able to purchase additional pen sets, which can come in handy if you have multiple children doodling at the same time. The pens dry in seconds but can be washed out in a cool wash ready for you to go again.

This cloth also can double up as a wall hanging too, so the perfect way for you to show off your child’s artwork.

Invert TS1.5 V3 Prism Complete Stunt Scooter – RRP £129.95

Christmas gift ideas for kids

If you have a child who sees themselves as the next big star in the world of scooter stunts, then this is the perfect scooter for them! The baby sibling to the TS2 scooter, this one is aimed at children aged 6-14 years, so is perfect to get them started.

With its Neochrome colour, it is sure to stand out at the skatepark and its lightweight build puts it at 3.4kg.

It is also built with stunts in mind as the bar spins 360 degrees for tricks!

This is sure to go down a storm when it is found under the Christmas tree this year and I am sure a trip to the skate park won’t be far behind. Don’t forget to check out the skate helmets too, safety first!

Chicco Balance Bike-Green Hopper – RRP £39.99

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Getting toddlers outdoors is a great way to burn off some extra energy and also get them confident in building new abilities.

This balance bike is the perfect way to help develop the necessary balance on two wheels before you are progressing onto a bike.

The Chicco Balance Bike-Green Hopper comes with grippy handlebars, a soft non-slip saddle and anti-puncture wheels, all of which help build your child’s confidence on the bike whilst they grow into the balance on two wheels.

Made from sustainable materials and an ultra-light metal frame, this would make a great gift this Christmas.

Chicco Goal League Pro – RPR £42.99

Christmas gift ideas for kids

The world cup is just around the corner and the whole nation is about to be gripped by football fever. In our household, it is just another football day as both Kayleigh and Ethan have played football in the garden since they were little.

This Chicco Goal League Pro was not around when they were small, otherwise, I know it would have been in our house!

The electronic football net has lights and sounds, including 25 melodies and sound effects. These are triggered every time the child scores a goal. It is more than just that though, with 3 electronic game modes to play (penalty shots, golden goal and challenge), there is plenty of fun to be played. It can be played either on your own or with friends too, so there are hours of fun to be had with this!


Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset – RRP £75.00

Christmas gift ideas for kids

We are a gaming household and the tech that goes with it can be expensive sometimes, especially when it needs replacing!

Ethan has gone through countless wired headsets recently, I have no idea what he is doing to the wire. So, with that in mind we have picked him up a wireless headset this Christmas and this Logitech one was on offer at Argos at the time for £32! Don’t be put off though, I have also found it on sale on Amazon too.

With technology, we tend to stick to well-known brands, simply as you tend to get a better life out of them and Logitech has always done well for us in the past, I am hopefully it will stand the test of time this year too!

How to Draw Anime: Learn to Draw Anime and Manga – £9.72

Christmas gift ideas for kids

This is one of the items we have brought for Kayleigh, she loves art and anima is a big thing in our household!

Walking you through the steps to draw your anime, this book is perfect for all levels of artists and is a great way to get them interested in what they love. Kayleigh is going to love this at Christmas and with so many things to learn, she is going to be drawing for hours.

I was really impressed with this item after taking a punt on ordering it.

Yonex GR03 Badminton Racket and Net Set – £39.95

Christmas gift ideas for kids

We spent hours playing badminton on our new decking this summer, so this gift set is the perfect step up from what we have been used to.

The set comes complete with 4 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks and the net & posts, all contained in a carry case. This means, you can move it around as needed and pop it up and down whilst keeping everything together when it is not in use.

I know that this is going to be so popular in the summer when the weather gets a little warmer, now to just teach the kids not to kit it so hard so it stops landing in next doors garden!

So Wrong It’s Right – RRP £14.99

Christmas gift ideas for kids

This is one of those games that means you can take family fun wherever you go.

It is really quick and easy to pick up the rules but is also really compact and easy to take with you, making it the perfect all-around family game.

As the kids have got a little smarter, it is great to find games that are fast-paced witty games, that get them thinking on their feet.

Lucky Paws phone pouch – RRP £40.00

Christmas gift ideas for kids

If you have a teenage daughter, this is going to be one of their favourite gifts under the Christmas tree!

Kayleigh has a really quirky sense of style and sticks to what she loves and that is why this Lucky Paws Phone Pouch is going to be right up her street. Not only is it practical with its double compartments that have a zip and clasp, but there is also a slip pocket for your phone and a zipped pocket at the back for your cash, so there is no need to carry a bag at all! Finished off with the cat studs and face on the front, this bag has its own personality.

Vendula was founded in 2003 and they want to bring those quirky designs to the market, it is about making people ask about their products and that is exactly what their items do. They have a huge range of products that vary in design and colour. If you are looking for something that you wouldn’t usually find on the high street, head over and check out their site.

Anagrams – RRP £12.99

Christmas gift ideas for kids

If you are looking for one of those quick-to-set-ups and play with teenagers, then this is the game for you. As Kayleigh and Ethan have gotten older, we have moved away from the traditional style board games, into ones where we can enjoy quick-fire question rounds and it always ends up in fits of giggles.

Each card has 5 questions on one side and a letter on the back. The only thing you are after from those questions is the first letter of the correct answer. Once all the questions have been answered, the whole table has 30 seconds to work out the anagram of the word using those letters. Work out the word, and win the card. Sounds simple right? Well, there is a bit more to it than that!

Once you win the card, you need to win at least a further 2 cards, as to win the game you need to spell out a 3 letter word using your winning cards.

I hope that this has given you a little inspiration for Christmas but make sure you keep an eye here for more great ideas and giveaways!

Christmas gift ideas for kids

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