Grommet success!

So Thursday saw the day of Kayleigh’s grommet operation.

Both Daddy Vs Work and I had planned to take a few days off to be with her on the day and after should we be needed for any cuddles and snuggles.

All was planned for Ethan and arriving at the hospital but on Wednesday night we received a call to say we had been given the wrong time, we had to arrive at 11.30 not at 7.30 as originally told.

This was great in terms of early start but it meant Kayleigh had to fast from 7.30 right up till her operation. She was on the afternoon list but this didn’t start till 1.30 so I knew she’d be starving!

Anyway we set off with plenty of time but spent 20 minutes driving between the hospitals 4 car parks unable to find any parking spaces, in the end we parked in a local park’s car park over 1 mile away and walked (I ran/jogged back to get the car later to park in the hospital car park!).

Off we trotted to the hospital and as we got closer we could hear an alarm going off, then as we moved down the hospital road there was fire engines pulling in to the hospital and all systems go, people being evacuated, fire hoses out etc. Almost an hour later we got in to the hospital, 30 minutes behind time to find out there was an isolated fire in a room on the floor we were heading too…

After all the booking in we found out we were 2nd on the list. Kayleigh just wanted her lunch and was starving so we watched frozen to distract her and waste a bit of time.


At 3pm Daddy Vs Work took Kayleigh to theatre, I just couldn’t do it.

I have no problems with theatres, operations, blood etc but I can not bring myself to watch someone put my child to sleep. I’d be a wreck and that wouldn’t help anyone. Daddy Vs Work isn’t keen on it but is much braver than I could be and so much more composed so perfect for keeping Kayleigh calm.

I was told she was the perfect patient, cannula went in without a whimper and she did as she was asked.

We popped to grab her a balloon whilst she was in theatre and a small bite to eat but the time goes so slowly whilst you are waiting for the call. You pace around anxiously waiting for the call to say everything is fine and she was in recovery.

It came just after 4 and we went to recover to find her awake but groggy, she thought she had to walk back to the ward but enjoyed the ride in the bed!

After Kayleigh came round the first words were “is it lunch time yet, I’m hungry”

2 1/2 cups of water, 3 biscuits and a few sneaky cola bottles later Kayleigh was given a sandwich and yoghurt then allowed home, 3 hours after entering the operating theatre.

The first few days she was a little loud when talking but she’s starting to adapt.

She hasn’t even had any pain killers since the operation!

I keep asking if she’s ok and she replies “yes I’m fine mummy” or “I can hear the wind whooshing past”

The one thing that has made us smile though came yesterday, she was playing in the garden and she’s suddenly started shouting “I hear an ice cream van, I can hear it” then proceeded to run to the living room window and point out saying “told you it was a real one” beaming that she could hear it.

It may have taken a while to get her hear but it is so was worth the stress and panic to get it done. Now I’m hoping she keeps excelling and blooming with her new hearing.

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