“Folr” is launched to help watch over your loved ones

In this day and age I’m sure many of us worry about our children and their whereabouts but now there is a new app on the market which is aimed at helping keep track of your children and loved ones locations.

Folr has been launched to help be a family locator for your nearest & dearest.

Installed on any smartphone you can track your loved ones and where they have been in the history of the app. It needs to be installed on both the smartphone you would like to track and also the phone you are using to track.Folr


As a parent I admit I am not looking forward till Kayleigh and Ethan are old enough to go out and play on their own.

I have this fear of the dangers that you read in the news so often however as they would be most likely to be having a mobile by this point this app would be perfect.

I’m not one to complain about the “big brother” society and I feel if you have that trust between you and your children, there shouldn’t be a problem. I couldn’t see anyone sitting watching their child’s every move however if they are running late or aren’t picking up the phone, a quick check where they are and you mind would be put at rest.

The other real use I could see would be possibly for the older generations, lots of them now have access to a mobile phone (my nan’s even on facebook!) but sometimes we start to worry about whether they are ok when they go out and about, in our later years we do tend to become a little bit more fragile and a little more forgetful.

Would this app be something that would help put your mind at ease?

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