Slimming world leek and potato soup

Slimming world leek and potato soup

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With the colder months rolling in, out goes the salads in our house and in come the soups, this slimming world leek and potato soup in soup maker is my all-time favourite and so simple to make!

We brought a Morphy Richards soup maker last year, it is a Morphy Richards saute and soup maker which means less washing up for me. Like most kitchen gadgets it has started to gather dust in one of our cupboards.

With us, both working at home now we are trying to get into the habit of using up leftovers for our lunches and soup is the perfect way to use up vegetables etc that are past their best. I am always on the lookout for new Morphy Richards soup maker recipes, so if you have one please leave a link below I would love to check it out.

One of our favourite soups this week has been our homemade leek and potato soup. It is easy to make and this recipe will feed 4 comfortably. So you can either keep it in the fridge for the next few days or it can be frozen and used at a later date. The great thing about our soup maker is, it makes it so simple to make a wide range of soups. Although we stick to our favourite recipes, there are some delicious ones out there like this vegan mushroom soup. Don’t be put off by making what you know, I always go for recipes I can make using what I have in the fridge too!

We make this in our soup maker however it can be done on the hob, you will just need a blender at the end to make it smooth.

Slimming world leek and potato soup recipe –

This Slimming world leek and potato soup is such a simple recipe but delicious at the same time, perfect for warming you up on a cold winters day. If you are after an alternative vegetable soup, why not check out this delicious spicy vegetable soup recipe from Simply Food.

For those of you who found this page whilst looking for Slimming World recipe ideas, as well as soup, there are some delicious syn free dinner ideas out there to try out. I personally try and save my syns for a treat in the evenings and look for syn free and high-speed meal ideas throughout the day. If you are the same, why not check these syn free dinner ideas out below:

Slimming World dinner ideas –

  • Beef Rogan Josh – This is my go-to Slimming World recipe as it is syn free and amazing. You can use the same recipe but switch out the beef for chicken or even vegetables. Just change the stock to suit what you are using.
  • Chow Mein Style noodles – I do miss my takeaways some times and this recipe is the perfect alternative treat. Super easy to make too!
  • Diet Coke chicken – Now I’ve not tried this yet, however, it is all I’ve heard about from people when I tell them I am on Slimming World. You don’t get the taste of diet coke, just a sugary sweetness gets added to the dish.

We are bringing lots of winter warmer recipes to the blog, hopefully with the weather changing some more slimming world soup ideas alongside some slimming world soup maker recipes. I also can’t wait to share more Slimming World friendly recipes as I get used to sticking to plan and the syns! All of these recipes will be family-friendly, tested by my two fussy eaters!

Slimming world leek and potato soup




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