Great Ideas for Baby Gifts

No one wants to go and visit a new baby (and their new parents) for the first time empty handed. Luckily, gifts for new babies is a lot of fun! Most new mums will tell you that the best gifts are practical and don’t take up too much space.

But what if you want to give something unique that the new parents will treasure and remember forever? Here are some great ideas for baby gifts that every new mother, and her tiny bundle of joy, would be delighted to receive:

1. Baby Soft Toys

Baby soft toys make a fantastic gift for a new baby. They’re warm and cuddly, and will look fantastic alongside baby in their crib or bassinet. Pick out the baby soft animal, monster or character of your choice, and watch over the coming months as baby gradually develops a special, unique relationship with your thoughtful gift.

2. Luxury Baby Oil

Baby massage is an incredibly fashionable new baby activity right now, with baby massage classes popping up all over the country. It is a fantastic activity for new mums and their infants to enjoy because it promotes bonding, relaxation, and can help to relieve wind and colic in babies too.

If you want to give a gift that will encourage bonding and massage between mother and child then why not choose to give a softly scented skin oil? Luxury baby oil can serve the dual purposes of soothing dry skin or massage, and is a gift that is both decadent and practical.

3. A Cosy Hooded Towel

Baby’s first bath is an important milestone for both the infant and their parents: those smiley splashy photos of the little bundle in their baby bath will sit in the family photo album for a lifetime. Why not choose a gift that is both cute and practical that will honour this special moment?

We love cosy hooded towels that are perfect for baby bath times. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, the best towels have cute animal faces and ears embellishing the hood. This is a great gift if you’re on a budget, as soft hooded towels can be picked up relatively inexpensively.

4. Baby’s First Book

Reading and developing a passion for literature is integral to a happy and successful childhood, and it’s never too early to begin reading to a baby. Why not share your love of literature by buying baby their first story book and giving the gift of a bedtime story?

5. Tiny Clothes

What better gift for a tiny new baby that some tiny new clothes to keep them warm and cosy during those early months? Buying tiny baby clothes is a lot of fun (because what’s cuter than buying little shoes or a miniature leather jacket) but this is also an incredibly practical gift. As babies continue to grow and grow their parents will be amazed at just how many outfits they need. Why not choose a gift that will give them a head start on their never-ending shopping list?

Alternatively, if you’re good at sewing, you can sew one yourself! Your friend would definitely appreciate this lovely gesture. Make sure to subscribe to Yarnie’s newsletter. You can get easy and free sewing patterns including baby sewing patterns and other types of needle craft patterns.

From soft toy gifts to little cute shoes to beautifully illustrated children’s books and more, there’s a world of simply delightful baby gifts for you to choose from – have fun taking your pick!

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