Preparing for grommets

So it’s been a little bit manic here so sorry for the silence (though I know the competitions are still popular!)

Last Wednesday I got home from work to find a message from the ENT waiting list team. They had just had a cancellation for grommets and wondered if we wanted to take the spot.

Of course we said yes!

Her operation is Thursday, yep this Thursday.

We had the pre-op on Friday, even if our hospital was running over an hour late due to booking 3 appointments at the same time … Grrr….

Anyway we are all go for this week, Kayleigh is fine about it and the school are aware, so hopefully her reading book and homework will come home tomorrow ready for her.

We’ve got to be at the hospital at 7.30 am ready for the operation at around 11.30 but I’ll be honest I doubt it will be at 11.30….

The last time we had any type of operation, it took them over 9 hours to get her into theatre to repair her lip following an accident 3 years ago.

At least it’s just a 15 minute operation and we should be home a few hours after all being well?

However we must be positive, I’m looking forward to her hearing properly for the first time in a long time, I just want to get through Thursday and get her home to recover quickly ready for the Easter break.

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